80’s Costumes – Need Ideas to Dress Like 80s Rock Stars?

80’s Costumes – Need Ideas to Dress Like 80s Rock Stars?
If you want to talk about a decade like no other, the 80s definitely offered a lot to talk about. It was an era largely characterized by vibrant color pallets and pop culture icons that mesmerized the entire world. Till date, this era is fondly inscribed in so many people’s memory. The 80’s costumes were something else and have come back big time.
The funky look of the 80s fashions and costumes is indeed something worth bringing back in this era, which is why both young and old are embracing this returning fashion with open arms.
So, stun your contemporaries and everyone around with your 80’s party theme dressing, especially as Halloween draws near. Keep reading to learn great 80’s costume ideas that you can latch on.
The 80’s Pop Icon
Want a look similar to Cyndi Lauper or Madonna? Then you should attractively pile up brightly colored layers, multiple necklaces and bracelets, plus plenty of makeup. This pop Icon look won’t be complete except you add lacey gloves that feature fingertips cut off, as well as multiple rubber bracelets, at least 20 bracelets on each arm.
Of course, that’s not all there is to dress like the 80s pop icon. You also need to complement your look with a blonde wig that shows off the roots, plus a bow-knotted ribbon tied around your head. This typically describes Madonna’s look in the 80s.
And, if you’re crazy about Cyndi Lauper’s 80s appearance, the best way to mimic her style costume is to crimp your hair. Another way is to wear a brightly dyed hair. Complement the look with bright shades on your eyes and wear a heavily beaded necklace.
The 80’s Rocker Girl
An 80 rocker girl look will surely provoke attention towards you. And, if you particularly have Joan Jett in mind for your rocker girl

80’s costumes, then you’ve got to stick to her style. How does it work? Wear a black wig with short bang in front and extended back. Another way to look like a rocker girl in your 80s costume is to dye your hair temporarily.
And, for this costume to be complete, you must wear a black leather jacket on top of a tight black pant. Use a wide belt for the pant and you should particularly go for a black belt with metal studs. Your makeup should feature piled black eyeliner and darker shade of gray on your lids.
Post Punk 80s Costumes
If you prefer the post-punk 80s costumes, you should consider dressing like Robert Smith of the Cure. Simply put on black and wear a facial makeup. Key features to Smith’s look include pale skin and thick black eyeliner. Wearing dark, tousled hair will also complement a Smith’s look. You don’t have to cut your hair if it is somewhat long. Simply apply some gel and use your fingers to tousle the hair to get Smith’s hair style.
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