Witch Costume – How to Act Like a witch in Your Costume

For an upcoming themed event or holiday, you may want to look like you’re just coming from the wonder land to scare people. The best way to get it done is to go for witch costumes and complement your costume with a witchy act. Keep reading to find helpful and practical tips.

Wear Black or Colorful Dress

Often, black dresses are worn to depict a witch. But, you can do something different by going for other colorful (preferably plain) outfits. If you want to look really evil with your costume, you should go for a long hooded cloak and be loud with your accessories.

Consider Mixing Colors

Also, you should consider mixing colors to use layers when dressing up and acting like a witch. You should put on dresses or T-shirts as a fake female witch, or a suit/t-shirt if you’re a male witch.

You should also bear in mind that witch costumes are usually looking somewhat tame and silly. If you’re out to really look like a witch and make people think you’re one, you should head to online costume stores or visit antique stores. These places stock decade clothing items that will help you create a real witchy look.

Lean to Cast Spells

One of the acts that witches are known with is casting spell. You should familiarize yourself with some spells to cast. Of course, you are not going to cast real spells. Do things like moving your artificial claws in a scary manner and rhyming some weird words.

Another witchy act to complement your witch outfits

Witch Costumes for kids

Witch Costumes for kids

is to use chalk and draw pentacle on the floor. Light colorful candles at the corners while sitting right in the middle and pretending to be communicating with spirits.

Don’t forget to wear scraggly long hair or wig, which is typical of witches and will complement witch costumes.