Rock Star Costume for Boys – You Can Never Go Wrong!

Rock Star Costume for Boys – You Can Never Go Wrong with These Idea!

Over the decades, rock star look and appearance has changed, just like the everyday fashion. If you want to look like a rock star as a boy, you can find tons of rock star costumes ideas to latch onto. Whether you want a rock star look for your Halloween costumes party, you can choose to dress like a modern rock star or an old-fashioned rock star.
Mimic a Modern Rock Star Look
There are varieties of looks to mimic when it comes to a modern rock star appearance.  The popular trend among male musicians is punk rock as well as other shocking rock styles.
You should visit an online costume store that specializes on rock costumes to select your punk clothing items and accessories. Also, you can find rock clothing that features the modern band vibe in stores that sell punk-related music.
Here are some great ideas to aid a boy in mimicking a punk look;
·    Wear skinny, black jeans and pair it off with a band T-shirt, an embellished t-shirt would be also suitable
·    Wear a checkered or plaid shirt over the t-shirt
·    Use gel to spike your hair and use black eyeliner for your eyes. Use black paints for your nail.
·    Wear multiple neon bracelets around your wrists
Copy 60s Rock Star
60s rock star costumes are ideal for boys who want to replicate the old-fashioned rock look. In the 60s, rock stars wore a much more conservative style of dress compared to the present day’s rock stars.
If you’ve chosen a 1960s rock star look for your boy kid, or he chose it himself, you can quickly come up with the right costume for this look. Here are some great ideas to inspire you;
·    The boy should put on a dark suit paired off with dress shoes and a white shirt.
·    Let him put on a dark-colored tie
·    Comb his hair all back to reflect 60s slick hairdo. Alternatively, he should wear a bowl wig
·    He should complete his 60s rock star look by holding a prop or real guitar
Copy a Grunge Rock Look
The grunge style of rock music characterized the 1990s rock music arena. Luckily, it is easy to get a boy dressed up in grunge style. Some great ideas would include the following;
·    Comb the hair down towards the face, making sure it is styled carefree and wild. Alternatively, the boy should wear a grunge wig
·    For the bottom, a light-colored, loose and ripped pair of jeans would be appropriate and should be complemented with black boots
·    Let the boy wear an old T-shirt, black color, and wear un-tucked flannel shirt over the shirt.
You will surely be mistaken for a real rock star as a boy when you choose any of these rock star costumes styles.