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Witch Costume – How to Act Like a witch in Your Costume

For an upcoming themed event or holiday, you may want to look like you’re just coming from the wonder land to scare people. The best way to get it done is to go for witch costumes and complement your costume with a witchy act. Keep reading to find helpful and practical tips.

Wear Black or Colorful Dress

Often, black dresses are worn to depict a witch. But, you can do something different by going for other colorful (preferably plain) outfits. If you want to look really evil with your costume, you should go for a long hooded cloak and be loud with your accessories.

Consider Mixing Colors

Also, you should consider mixing colors to use layers when dressing up and acting like a witch. You should put on dresses or T-shirts as a fake female witch, or a suit/t-shirt if you’re a male witch.


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Halloween Costumes Ideas and Tips for Kids

Kids are getting more involved in Halloween nowadays. Toddlers, infants and kids of all ages can look stunning with the best kids’ Halloween costumes. So, whether you are buying pre-made costumes for your kid (s) or making one from the scratch, there are some things you need to keep in mind.

Tip #1: KISS

Your probably wondering what this KISS tip for kids’ costumes is all about. Well, you don’t have to wonder too far. It simply means Keep It Simple and Short. Children’s costumes for Halloween do not need to be complex, whether you are creating one with items from the closet or buying premade one.

For instance, drawing whiskers and adding ears, mouth and shiny eyes on a plain white or black coverall is a great way to quickly create a black or white cat costume for your child — the s...

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Rock Star Costume for Boys – You Can Never Go Wrong!

Rock Star Costume for Boys – You Can Never Go Wrong with These Idea!

Over the decades, rock star look and appearance has changed, just like the everyday fashion. If you want to look like a rock star as a boy, you can find tons of rock star costumes ideas to latch onto. Whether you want a rock star look for your Halloween costumes party, you can choose to dress like a modern rock star or an old-fashioned rock star.
Mimic a Modern Rock Star Look
There are varieties of looks to mimic when it comes to a modern rock star appearance.  The popular trend among male musicians is punk rock as well as other shocking rock styles.
You should visit an online costume store that specializes on rock costumes to select your punk clothing items and accessories...

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How to Choose Costumes for Women

How to Choose Costumes for Women – 3 Ideas that Have Always Proven Great
You’ve been invited to a costume party, or Halloween is on the way and you’re not yet sure of how to dress. And, to compound matters, you’re even stuck when it comes to ideas on costumes for women. Well, you have nothing to worry about as you will learn tons of ways to arrive at orginal, creative ideas for your costume.
#1: Decide on Your Appearance
It starts by finding your own unique style. For instance, do you want to achieve an Angry, Perky, Cute, Funny, or Scary look? Your first step to arriving at great costume is to determine your unique style or look.
Halloween or costume party offers a great opportunity to express some of your emotions and aspects you’ve always preferred to hide...

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Not until recently, children have been the ones who really give in a lot of their time and energy into Halloween. There are various types of costume ideas for children, just as it is for adults. Tween is the age between childhood and teenage years. So this article is for children between 8-14 years old and this article is looking at some Halloween costume ideas for tweens.

The first costume is called the MAD HATTER COSTUME. This costume is based on a character in the children’s movie titled ALICE IN WONDERLAND. This is a very smart, cute and stylish costume. It is age appropriate and adorable for a girl in her tweens.


The next costume is a FAIRY COSTUME fairies costume are very popular among tween girls so this is a look that people would relate to ve...

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20s Costumes for Women – What You Need to Know


In so many ways, the 20’s were a revolutionary decade, including the trend of fashion. The fashion revolution in the 20s by women was the starting point of diminished modest dressing in the previous decades, and increased revealing fashion trend. The women in the 1920s introduced over-the-top accessories to enhance their so-called revolutionary fashion and styles. Such accessories to enhance the 20’s costumes included fringe, feathers and boas.

Typical of the early 20s are clothing items such as cylindrical, long skirts falling about 10” below the wearer’s knee. In essence, the skirts were quite long. However, the long skirts trend did not last too long as the flapper fashion swept in fast and took over...

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