Not until recently, children have been the ones who really give in a lot of their time and energy into Halloween. There are various types of costume ideas for children, just as it is for adults. Tween is the age between childhood and teenage years. So this article is for children between 8-14 years old and this article is looking at some Halloween costume ideas for tweens.

The first costume is called the MAD HATTER COSTUME. This costume is based on a character in the children’s movie titled ALICE IN WONDERLAND. This is a very smart, cute and stylish costume. It is age appropriate and adorable for a girl in her tweens.


The next costume is a FAIRY COSTUME fairies costume are very popular among tween girls so this is a look that people would relate to very easily. This is a very cute and stylish costume, it also very edgy and sophisticated.




The next look is the GOLD COAST PIRATE COSTUME. This is a very cute and vibrant costume, very edgy and sophisticated. Its a fun and cool costume, very age appropriate and highly recommendable.



The HANNAH MONTANA BLUE COSTUME. Every little girl in this 21 century is a fan of Hannah Montana. This costume is chic and fabulous, this is a cool pop star look that suits a tween girl and it is highly recommended.




The GHOSTBUSTERS KID COSTUME. This is an edgy and cool costume. This is a smart choice of Halloween costume for a tween boy, it can also be a cool Halloween costume for a girl too.


The next costume is the MICHAEL JACKSON THRILLER COSTUME. This costume is among the most popular celebrity Halloween costume. This is a very cool rockstar themed Halloween costume, very edgy and sophisticated look. This Halloween costume is age appropriate and a lot of people would definitely relate to this look. It is highly recommendable.


These Halloween costumes ideas for tweens is the one called THE TRANSFORMERS IRONHIDE COSTUME. This costume is based on a popular sci-fi action movies titled THE TRANSFORMERS. This is a cool and edgy costume, very sophisticated and action packed, this costume would make statement which makes it highly recommendable.

The next costume is the ZOMBIE SKATER COSTUME. We cannot undermine the fact that Halloween is supposed to be a fun scary period, so people are expected to wear fun and scary Halloween costumes, but recently people tend to deviate and wear what every they feel like, and most times these costumes are not scary at all, but just normal like the ones highlighted above. But that does not mean scary is not allowed. This zombie skater costume is a fun scary costume appropriate for a tween boy and it is highly recommendable.