Reliving the Past with Unique 70s Costumes

70s is one of the happening eras of the past from disco inferno to popular hippie revolution. It’s no wonder why a lot of people go retro with their 70s costumes when reliving this decade. If you are planning to attend a 70s themed costume party, there are several ideas you may want to consider. One of the most popular is the retro disco costume. During the 70s, funky retro costumes like the one worn by John Travolta in his famous movie Saturday Night Fever is a good representation of the 70s. the brighter the color is, the better. The good thing about this is that you have the liberty to combine unusual colors that are deemed not trendy in today’s fashion.

You can wear a three piece suit made from synthetic fabrics like polyester. To make it truly 70s, wear a suit with a high rise vest design combined with very wide lapels. To complete your look, wear a pair of bell bottoms or flared pants. Do not forget your white platform shoes because these are rage footwear during the 70s.

Also, hippies outfits are very popular back in the day. During the 70s, hippies and Woodstock was the major thing. If you choose to go for hippie costumes, also pick outfits with psychedelic colors. A simpler option is some classic t-shirt with the iconic peace sign on the front paired with bright colored pants. Aside from this, tie-dyed shirts with floral design also best represent the 70s decade. A cut up vest, bell bottoms and platform shoes are also perfect combination for an authentic 70s costume.

70s costumes and accessories are among the most tricky and demanding market niche in the thematic costume industry. Finding 70s dresses is already a task for some and actually finding clothing line that best represent the era is harder because there are only several companies that specialize in thematic costumes and dresses. This becomes complex because not only does it need to have that extra size but it must also be fashionable and affordable at the same time. There are times when you are able to obtain plus size a lot easier but the catch is it does not conform to the current trend in fashion.

But it really does not matter because when you opt for a 70s costume, you are already willing to go out of fashion. And when you are able to get the appropriate style, the problem lies on the size because it must meet your correct measurement or your costume will be worthless. The key to this is to order your 70s costumes ahead of time so you will have enough free time for repairs and adjustments.