20s Costumes for Women – What You Need to Know


In so many ways, the 20’s were a revolutionary decade, including the trend of fashion. The fashion revolution in the 20s by women was the starting point of diminished modest dressing in the previous decades, and increased revealing fashion trend. The women in the 1920s introduced over-the-top accessories to enhance their so-called revolutionary fashion and styles. Such accessories to enhance the 20’s costumes included fringe, feathers and boas.

Typical of the early 20s are clothing items such as cylindrical, long skirts falling about 10” below the wearer’s knee. In essence, the skirts were quite long. However, the long skirts trend did not last too long as the flapper fashion swept in fast and took over. The flapper fashion trend of the 20s was complemented with fringe, which is the major feature of the flapper style.

The Highlights of the 20’s Costumes

Just like some features are unique to different decades’ fashion trend and style, the 20’s also had unique identifications in terms of their fashion trend. As noted earlier, flapper was the most notable feature of the dressing styles and pattern in this decade. The flapper was highly influential among the female folks who lived in the 20s. This fashion was ushered in the mid 20’s, precisely 1926.

The major characteristics of the flapper 20’s costumes included fringe attached to dresses, short shift dresses, slick and short hairdos, plus beautiful costume jewelry. The flapper dressing style was also complemented with heavy makeup like the 80’s, but not as heavy.

Features of the Evening Dresses in the 20’s

Also, the evening wears in the 20’s were notable. Women in that decade wore chic silk gowns in the evening, especially the women who skipped the flapper fashion. These beautiful gowns were usually embellished with elaborate beading. Most women usually wore these gowns below their knees. The gowns particularly enhanced dancing movements during the evening outings.

Other features of the 20’s evening gowns included asymmetric hemline. And, some women would usually integrate sashes and trains to complement this evening 20s costumes. The hair was combed in an intricate and striking manner, something very appealing.

Ideas for Dressing like the 20’s Costumes for Women

So far, you probably had generated some ideas on how to dress like the 20’s Costumes for women.  For the flapper fashion, just make sure that fringe is integrated onto your dress. Then, complement the entire look with costume jewelry and short slick hairdo.

For the evening gowns 20s costume ideas, the major thing is to keep it chic and stylish. Intricate beading will also be a great addition to the 20s evening gowns. And, you can go a step further to complement the evening 20’s costumes with sash or train.


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